Lighted Signs

Serving Mississippi's Golden Triangle with affordable, quality signs for nearly twenty years, Sign Design Plus is a family-owned and operated business offering all types of signage in a friendly and timely manner.

A high-quality, professionally designed sign ensures that your business or event gets the recognition it deserves. We offer a variety of solutions for illuminated signage to help promote your business.

Louise Campbell Center for the Arts sign

Illuminated Signage

Suitable for restaurants, businesses, churches, and schools, lighted cabinet signs are an attractive and versatile option. Illumined with fluorescent bulbs from behind the sign face, lighted signs can be one-sided or two-sided, and may be installed on a building wall, a monument base, or on a pole for maximum visibility.

An alternative to traditional back-lit channel letters and fluorescent sign cabinets, up lighting is becoming a popular trend in signage to give lettering a more unique look. Using bright omni-directional lighting below white lettering returns creates a dramatic, and attention-grabbing look.


Channel Letter Signs

Be sure potential customers can find your business with your name in LED channel letters across your building. Your custom-designed letters may be individually mounted directly on your building or pre-mounted on an aluminum housing - a raceway - which is then attached to your building.

LED channel letters are energy efficient, low-maintenance, and easy to install with a less-invasive installation that preserves your building's aesthetics and integrity. Consult your landlord or property manager for regulations about individual or raceway mounting, or ask one of our experts for city regulations and ordinances.


Neon Signs

Neon signs were first used in the early twentieth century and remain an excellent signage option, combining a classic look with efficiency, practicality, and longevity. Formed by glass tubes bent to the proper shape and filled with gas which emits ultraviolet light when electrically heated, neon signs are works of art as well as practical advertising pieces.

With literally dozens of color options, they work well as outdoor markers for your restaurant or business, but can also serve as excellent enhancements to your indoor atmosphere.


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